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Waouuuwww this afternoon !!!

Men Final of the best World Tennis Contest at Roland Garros on clay: 
             Djokovic (No1) against Nadal (No 2) = fabulous !!!!
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Great new, Rick
I will wait this book with much interest

Rick Sanders

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Dear fellow flat figure enthusiasts,

A new publication on the medieval flats produced by Hans Mueller of Erfurt will be coming out by the summer of 2021. Based on responses to Rick Sanders’ article series about his figures, published in “Die Zinnfigur” (Nov. 2019 to Sep 2020), the KLIO group in Baden-Wuerttemberg has sponsored the publication of what will essentially be a book on the more than 470 mediaeval figures from Mueller’s firm.

The soft-cover book will include a biography of Mueller by Hans Schwahn (Dessau), a chapter by Henry Schmidt (Berlin) on Mueller’s conversion figures with colour pictures of them, a chapter on the moulds, a chapter about the development of armour as depicted in Mueller’s figures by Gernot Schlager (Austria, author of “Bilder aus dem Mittelalter: Dargestellt mit Zinnfiguren”), a chapter on the source materials Mueller had artists like Ludwig Frank, Ludwig Madlener, Johannes Frauendorf and others use to design the figures, and most importantly, colour photos of 460 or more individual figures painted by a number of living and now deceased collectors.

Photos of painted figures have been contributed by, in alphabetical order:  Angelo Amorese, Andreas Barz, Frank Bähr, Gianpaolo Bistulfi, Peter Blawatt, Greg DiFranco, Dirk Ewert, Bernt Grimm, Jim Horan, Herbert Kuehlwein, Louis Liljedahl, Harald Reuter, Rick Sanders, Gernot Schlager, Henry Schmidt, Stefan Wachter, and Stefan Wenzel, among others. Plus there are figures painted by the late Vladimir Douchkine, Walter Fischer, Günther Schaaf and others. Many of the figures were painted especially for the book, so this will be their first public appearance.

The book will also include photo layouts with all of the Mueller medieval figures, including the “Turks”, shown unpainted, in numerical order with accompanying tables with descriptions in German and English, dates created (if known), the current vendor, etc.

For those who do not read German, there is an English synopsis addressing the content of the chapters mentioned above.

The soft-bound A4 format book will be approximately 150 to 180 pages and it is planned to have it available for sale at the 2021 Kulmbach Börse. The format will be similar to that of the KLIO Baden-Wuerttemberg group’s Sonderheft on Martin Sauter’s 955AD Battle of Lechfeld figures and museum. Should the Kulmbach event not take place due to Covid or other factors, it will still be possible to get the book by mail. The price has not yet been determined.

If collectors are interested in reserving a copy or copies of the work, they can contact Rick Sanders, email:, who will make note of their interest and let them know when the book will be published, the price, and if they are not attending the Kulmbach event, the mailing costs. Collectors who are comfortable with the German language can also contact Hr. Manfred Levec, Email:; phone: +49 (0)7031-681110, mail: Auf der Stelle 19, 71067 Sindelfingen, Germany.

Rick SandersCandler, NC 28715, USA


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