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General Discussion / Re: F.K.Mohr Books. Which One Is Best?
« Last post by oleg on Today at 02:13:31 PM »
Thanks Mark, for giving me the insight of another collector's view on flats. It looks like we are carefully observing the subject of our passion and share our thoughts and feelings with colleagues. I do appreciate this conversation and glad that I ignited it.
General Discussion / Re: F.K.Mohr Books. Which One Is Best?
« Last post by marko on Today at 02:02:50 PM »

Your point of view was quite interesting to read and very fair.

I personally don't have an issue with his treatment of feet though I suspect maybe some of your issues are in the producer - many of my figures use a quite soft metal and longer weapons do bend easily (they can also be a pain to clean up.)

Your critique of his take on horses is more than fair, I do find they generally appear a bit undersized vs. war horses or steeds.  Also the Gypsy Camp and August der Starke going Hunting are a bit simplistic vs. his later output.

I do have a great fondness for the later work and I love his faces, humor and appreciation for simple life which I find appealing.  (The Broom Seller, the Knife Grinder, The Dentist...)

For me Mohr figures are a bit of a treat with my major objection being to the size of some of his sets - which for me would be a year or more of dedicated painting.

Though as you say we are spoiled by a wealth of really outstanding quality choices.  I do find painting a well designed/engraved figure much more pleasant than the alternative.

General Discussion / Re: F.K.Mohr Books. Which One Is Best?
« Last post by oleg on Today at 01:45:25 PM »
thank you very much for your reaction on my post. Honestly I was not expecting any sort of support and your words just another sign for me how knowledgeable the people are in this Society with a great passion and understanding of flat figures. What you told me means that I am not alone in my search for better figures and creation a list of priorities.
Mohr deserve to be called a great muster but.... not the best. Simple like that.
Wish you happy collecting.
General Discussion / Re: F.K.Mohr Books. Which One Is Best?
« Last post by Hannibal on Today at 01:15:51 PM »
Very interesting disscussion, and thank you very much, Oleg, for your honnesty!  It is very useful as a foreigner, because I presume that Mohr is a national heroe inn Germany, as he produced series chich became very popular as Segom did with Napoleonic sets and middle ages, or some antiquity seriess.

It gives me a new insight for looking at these figures!
Of course the painter is also a key contributor, as he is on canvas painting and can either destroy or sublimate the engraving by his own art....
General Discussion / Re: F.K.Mohr Books. Which One Is Best?
« Last post by archigrog on Today at 12:46:21 PM »
Dear Oleg,

thank so much for your time in responding this not so simply request...I know!
After some years collecting figures (about from 1987...i was seventeen  ;D ), ...and becoming oldest ... i've started to have more attention on the single figure engraving: es. Mohr figures have usually a great face characterization ... but usually not so good legs or arms proportion or disposition. Face is the focus and not the entire figure.
After beeing a first love, Mohr figures have passed on a second position...i think you're right. Could depend on a four hands work (as if there was an artisan workshop behind him, the master engrave or draw only face and a follower completes the rest?) ?
Some Mohr figures seem to be like unfinished...but his drawings are very refined.

General Discussion / Re: F.K.Mohr Books. Which One Is Best?
« Last post by oleg on Today at 11:49:22 AM »
Well Claudio, it is a delicate subject because I know that many collectors admire Mohr's style and even name him the best engraver of flat figures.
My personal understanding of flat figure is that is a part of flat relief art and every figure I am judging from this point of view.
Great masters of the past like Frank, Maier, Thieme , Vasques  showed different approach to flat figure but were very professional in methods. The main ideas are: balance of ups and downs of the form, raising the edge of the contour to make it roll and give 3d effect etc. Scale balance is also very important. The figure itself is made in a scale and parts and details should be adopted to this scale which is not just simple diminishing the real figure 1:30, 1:40  ..... sculptors know very well that every scale has it's own set of form changes.
That is why artists and engravers of the past were searching for good ratios of foot to mounted figure. And they found it. Not many collectors nowadays really understand this heavy but very professional attitude in creating the figure.
So, why I don't like creations of Mohr:
- they are not finished. You may find a beautiful face or an arm together with crude feet without any shape and details
- not all of them well drawn and this is a surprise because he was a professional illustrator
- his grotesque figures are unnatural
- most of his horsed are poorly engraved and drawn and (to my understanding) has a bad rider/horse balance
- figure are poorly engraved from the technical point of view. Many parts are very thin and easy to break

I must say that when I first saw catalog sheets by WIMOR I was very excited. I was looking for these figures but after obtaining and painting few sets was totally disappointed.

Figure Identification/Search / Re: HELP ME !
« Last post by merlino on Today at 06:26:23 AM »
............also trying to finish the Müller-Erfurt series .... 8) :) 
Figure Identification/Search / Re: Size of flats
« Last post by Brian on Today at 06:07:44 AM »
Is there a scale for the figures?   size of 30mm but then one idea of 30mm is differant to another idea
The same with the bigger figures, one editors 54mm is different to another, there just dose not seem to be a "scale" that is followed

And why are cavalry always to small to go with foot figures from the same set in 30mm  ?? 
Figure Identification/Search / Re: Size of flats
« Last post by louis on Today at 05:47:11 AM »
Howdy Willie,
Thanks for your input!
Yes, it’s tricky sometimes to incorporate a figure into a certain scale. I just finished one which is exactly 57 mm from eye to sole. Maybe it should be a 55 mm?  ;D
General Discussion / Re: F.K.Mohr Books. Which One Is Best?
« Last post by archigrog on Today at 05:04:58 AM »
I found in my folders these two sheets of WIMOHR. Being not a fan of Mohr I admire the way sets were presented.
Hope it will be of interest. Could somebody post other sheets by WIMOHR here?

Please Oleg,
can you explain reasons why you are not a fan? I'm interested on different point of view. and this could be a new topic  ;D 

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